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SmartVista achieves record breaking performance on HP NonStop using SQL

BPC Banking Technologies delivers outstanding performance and scalability with HP NonStop servers

BPC Banking Technologies, the leading provider of Open System payment solutions for the global financial industry, reports on the completion of a set of astounding performance and availability tests for SmartVista on HP Integrity NonStop Server, using the HP SQL/MX database product. The SmartVista benchmark tests were designed to verify the performance, reliability and scalability of SmartVista while operating under a range of market-driven business scenarios on various HP NonStop Server configurations, at HP’s NonStop Advanced Technology Center in Palo Alto, California.

The scenarios replicated a series of real-world situations ranging in size from medium to very large business operations. The largest test benchmarked an environment with 100,000 POS devices, 160 million cards and 160 million accounts. During this test SmartVista processed a sustained 6,128 TPS on a 16 CPU NonStop Blade system. This equates to serving over 22 million customer transactions per hour proving that the solution can support the operations of the largest organizations in the world. According to industry experts, these transaction volumes exceed all of the leading European banks. The record breaking results demonstrate that SmartVista can easily handle the transaction processing requirements of any bank, anywhere in the world.

Powered by its innovative design, SmartVista also demonstrated linear scalability throughout the tests, delivering 3,400 TPS (over 12.2 million customers served per hour) on an 8 CPU HP NonStop blade server. SmartVista users on HP NonStop servers can achieve greater support for their business and can make planned purchases of hardware in line with their business growth.

“With these phenomenal results SmartVista has shown, yet again, that it can easily handle the world’s highest workloads, and it does so extremely cost effectively by using the available hardware efficiently and scaling predictably. The combination of SmartVista and HP NonStop means that financial services companies, no matter what their size, can be certain that their payments infrastructure will deliver continuous service, regardless of the transaction volumes,” says Vasily Grigoriev, CEO, BPC Banking Technologies.


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